We are Smarter than Me

By |April 11th, 2010|

(With special thanks to Peter Stinson who first introduced me to the possibilities of WIKI Based knowledge management.) Of all the jobs in the Coast Guard, vessel inspections presents newcomers with the most seemingly insurmountable mountain of information to learn. Confused by the thousands of pages of regulations, NVICs, conventions, and other official guidance from U.S. and foreign agencies; three of us wanna-be marine inspectors from Sector Hampton Roads started sharing notes. Using Word and a shared folder, three things quickly became obvious: 1. We were duplicating massive amounts of research effort. 2. Keeping local files was cumbersome and wasn’t helpful to anyone else. 3. There must be dozens of new inspectors studying the same things we were. What we needed was a way to be able to share notes – in real time – at work or at home – with others like us in the same job. What we needed was a WIKI. Set-up over a long weekend, the Marine Inspector Qualification Guide has grown from three local users to over 1100 on three continents, creating hundreds of articles that relate to specific marine inspection tasks and competencies. […]

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