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Expect the Unexpected

The best place for boaters to be when heavy weather strikes is back at the marina – but weather changes can happen fast, the unexpected can extend your voyage, and in the middle of your first bad patch of sea is not the time or place to learn how to handle things in rough water.

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Life and Death and Abby’s EPIRBs

There is simply no way to imagine that the Sunderland's decision to allow their sixteen-year-old daughter (and seventeen-year-old son before her) to venture out to sea alone was not influenced by the modern EPIRB. She was carrying two of them aboard. "Radio's - check; SATCOM - check; Way to pinpoint your location and call for help if things go wrong? - check and check." The electronic "Time-Out" button provides a LOT of comfort to all of us who go to sea and I'm certainly not complaining; again, I love the things. However, mariners need to address the growing and unspoken trend to rely on these devices as a replacement for an abundance of caution and judgment.

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Hukkuminen ei Näytä Hukkumiselta

汉语 - tiếng Việt – Español – Français – Português – română – Deutsch – Svenska – Čeština – Русско -Íslenska – Audio Version - English (Finnish Translation by Kaj Söderholm) Tuore kapteeni hyppäsi kannelta vaatteet yllään ja juoksi veden halki. Entisenä hengenpelastajana hän piti katseensa pelastettavassaan ja suuntasi rannan ja veneen välissä uimassa olleen pariskunnan [...]

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