July 2010

Translations: – English –  汉语 – tiếng Việt – Español – Français – Português – română – Deutsch – Svenska – Čeština – Русско – Audio Version Hann stökk alklæddur út í sjóinn, – skipstjórinn, fyrrum björgunarmaðurinn. Hann hafði ekki augun af manneskju, synti að fólkinu sem svamlaði milli fjöru og bátsins sem lá við […]


Making Pools Safer

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by Mario on July 24, 2010

in Water Safety

What could possibly go wrong?  That question doesn’t get asked often enough. In June of 2002, it was discovered that the suction drain of a hot tub was strong enough to hold a child underwater. Seven-year-old  Virginia Graeme Baker lost her life because a spa manufacturer did not ask the question: what could go wrong?  […]


CPSC Releases Pool Safely Videos

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by Mario on July 23, 2010

in Water Safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, as part of there PoolSafely initiative, has just released a series of excellent videos on YouTube.  I’d like to urge all parents to visit poolsafely.gov,  and youtube.com/poolsafely.  Their advice is absolutely lifesaving. Please share


At the beach at Cape Canaveral, nineteen-year-old Josh Scurlock looks out at the water.  The larger than normal waves look rough but not too rough so he and a friend go out in them to play.  A strong swimmer – Josh loves the ocean and his new Florida home just five blocks from the beach. […]


Teaching Kids to Swim

by Mario on July 10, 2010

in Learning,NDPA,Water Safety

Baby underwater

In recent years, I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for information and advice about when children should start swimming lessons. Though I’d like to think I am a pretty smart guy, my experience in water safety has been predominantly on the rescue side. For a time I was an instructor at the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue […]


Speaking of Drowning

by Mario on July 9, 2010

in Water Safety

The reaction to an article posted at gCaptain and again here on this site has been just this side of overwhelming.  I’d like to thank everyone who reposted – RT’d – shared – and liked “Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning” and for the powerful discussions on the subject of drowning recognition taking place in forums […]


Translations: –English –  汉语 – tiếng Việt – Español – Italiano –  Français – Português – română – Deutsch – Suomi – Svenska –  Čeština – Русско –Íslenska – Audio Version De nieuwe kapitein sprong volledig gekleed van het dek en sprintte door het water. Het was een voormalig badmeester en hield zijn ogen op […]


One of my readers was kind enough to translate “Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning” into Spanish. Thank you, Arturo! http://www.alchilazo.net/2010/07/el-que-se-ahoga-no-parece-ahogarse.html Please share