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CPSC Releases Pool Safely Videos

By | 2017-05-18T15:30:02+00:00 July 23rd, 2010|Water Safety|

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, as part of there PoolSafely initiative, has just released a series of excellent videos on YouTube.  I'd like to urge all parents to visit,  and  Their advice is [...]

Teaching Kids to Swim

By | 2017-05-18T15:30:02+00:00 July 10th, 2010|Learning, NDPA, Water Safety|

In recent years, I've gotten hundreds of requests for information and advice about when children should start swimming lessons. Though I'd like to think I am a pretty smart guy, my experience in water safety [...]

Speaking of Drowning

By | 2017-05-18T15:30:02+00:00 July 9th, 2010|Water Safety|

The reaction to an article posted at gCaptain and again here on this site has been just this side of overwhelming.  I'd like to thank everyone who reposted - RT'd - shared - and liked [...]

Verdrinking lijkt niet op verdrinking

By | 2017-05-18T15:30:02+00:00 July 7th, 2010|Water Safety|

Translations: –English -  汉语 - tiếng Việt – Español – Italiano -  Français – Português – română – Deutsch – Suomi – Svenska -  Čeština – Русско -Íslenska – Audio Version De nieuwe kapitein sprong [...]