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  • Find one trusted person to help you if you want to overcome your fear. Classes have too many people in them. I did have a little girl who was terrified of water in a class I taught in high school. She had a good reason as her sister had drowned while she was watching.

    I made sure she could cling to the ladder or sit on the steps and any time she was out in the water I was with her every second. It helped her if she could just hang onto my back with her head well above the water while I taught the others and before and after class. I wouldn’t let anyone give her a hard time – so no one did. But that is the exception in a class situation.

    It would be much better if you just worked one-on-one with someone you totally trust who is very patient and who would never scare you. That is the only way you could relax enough to get over your fear and learn to swim.

  • That is ridiculous. No teacher should ever act like that, especially if you are paying them. I had a kid who thought it was funny to dunk girl’s heads under the water back when I was a lifeguard. After I had to tell him twice to stop, I didn’t tell him a third time. I waited until he was out in the deep end, came up behind him, and pulled him under. I didn’t hold him under very long. I wasn’t that great at holding my breath, anyway.

    But it cured him of his bad behavior and he never bothered girls when I was around the pool. It scared him pretty bad. I told him now he knew why it wasn’t funny when it happened to him. I know that stuck with him, because years later he saw me on campus and said, “that girl tried to drown me”! I didn’t try to drown him, but I surely did get his attention and make him stop terrorizing other people.

  • I don’t think that is very unusual – at least not in California. I remember one school had a requirement that you had to be able to swim the width of the pool (the short way – not the long way). Maybe they felt if you live in a state with lakes and the ocean you should have to be able to swim.