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Francesco Pia, PhD. Discusses the Instinctive Drowning Response using one of his examples from Orchard Beach in NY.

And now for the happy ending:

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  • Nbteachu

    Wow!! You are a hero!!! That boy is alive because of you!!!
    The creepy part is that the mother didn’t seem half as fazed as you!! Sad!!!
    Amazing job!!!

  • Jenna

    I cried through this entire video. I’m grateful this little boy was brought back – it’s a miracle he was brought back – but this is a very powerful powerful video. Is the boy OK do we know? Drowning is quick and quiet-

  • Shirazcaz

    I can’t believe how casually the Mum was just wandering around the pool!!! Well done, what a hero. What you did was amazing…..!!!!

  • Thanks for the comments – but this is a video of a case from Florida – I wasn’t even in the State. The rescuer was another adult at the pool whose daughter finally noticed the boy at the bottom.

  • Lori

    I can’t believe that no one realized that he disappeared and was on the bottom of the pool. As a parent I’m my son’s shadow,he’s 3 1/2 and autistic. He “loves the water and has no fear of it”.I can’t understand how she wasn’t watching her son.I know she was in shock,but I wouldn’t have left my sons side. God Bless that man,he is an Angel for saving that boy.His daughter should also get credit for telling him that something was wrong.That boy had a few Angels on his side that day. I’m glad their was a happy ending.Thanks for sharing this Mario, I’m re-posting.

  • Hi Mario.
    Amazing video. This is an unvaluable document to show how childrens shoud be keep watching on. I would to use in our clasess. Is there a chance to download?.
    Thank you.

  • This made me hold my breath, gave me goosebumps and nearly made be burst into tears… just watching the time tick away…

  • Audrey

    Five minutes…first let me say to the savior of that child you are a wonderful man for not giving up. Second, five minutes of submersion in warm water and the child surviving with little or no apparent damage is very rare. There was no way to record the timeline when I had my drowning incident many years ago but the estimated time under water was at least five minutes, simply because I was found floating face up, rather than face down which means I had filled with water and rolled over. There really is no earthly explanation as to why people survive drowning other than the intervention of good people like the man who saved this little boy, and my father who gave me mouth to mouth after my incident. God bless the little child, God bless the man. This video should be shown to every parent who ever attends a pool outing with their child. I did not drown in a pool, I drowned in a fresh water lake. Parents in South Florida also need to be aware that drownings do not only occur in pools, the majority of all drowning incidents worldwide occur in bodies of fresh and salt water.

  • Betty Ortiz7

    Amazing! thank you for saving this boy’s life! You are a hero in my eyes!.

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