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The image above is from a YouTube video posted in 2009 – a sort of warning to boaters about the benefits of safety gear like life jackets and kill switches. I’m posting it here as a warning about how wrong some people are about what is safe and what isn’t. Our man, Greg – the boat driver – did not have his life saved by his life vest and kill switch so much as he was almost killed by his teenage-like false machismo and unbelievably reckless stupidity. He isn’t alive because of his life vest so much as he isn’t dead because Darwin was asleep at the switch,and Greg got lucky.

He was driving an overpowered boat at ridiculous speeds into the wind and across rough water. He did absolutely everything he could to cause the crash you will see. Because he wore a life vest and engaged a kill switch doesn’t make him a “safe boater” – the fortunate benefactor of his protective gear. No amount of gear would have made what he did safe.

Am I being too hard on the man?  I don’t think so.  He could have easily killed someone else with his 70 mph fly-bys of the other boat.

Be safe out there,

~ Mario


disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of the Department of Homeland Security or the U.S. Coast Guard. 

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  • Doug Pine

    Interesting that some would question whether you’re being too hard on this guy The truth is the truth. Hopefully this closed out the idiot phase of his life as a boater.

  • Jill Russell

    And to make matters worse, Greg has idiot friends if he was in the water for 10 minutes after the crash with another boat in such close proximity.

  • Bud

    Its OK to blaze around…you just need to know when to slow down.

  • I was wondering about that ten minutes myself.

  • Wes3770

    you have to know what your equipment will do and it’s limitations. how else do you find out?

  • Funny. But I don’t think the problem is about the boat limitations. It was about his skill and judgment limitations.

  • Wes3770

    out of around 99% of accidents, the people look stupid and neglectful, and they probably were. -safety systems, management and engineering

  • Laura

    Caption should read: Life Vest for Dummies.

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