BoatSafe TV – Episode #1 – Inflatable vs. Non-Inflatable: Why I’m Old School

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Four years ago I said I would start posting videos. Well, I’m starting. Below is episode #1. If you have any questions at all about anything, just ask and I’ll answer it in the next video. It won’t take four years again; promise.

BoatSafe TV – Episode #1 – Inflatable vs. Non-Inflatable: Why I’m Old School from VLinc Maritime on Vimeo.

Boaters often ask, auto-inflate or manual? My answer? Neither. This video discusses why the best option is usually the never-inflate variety.

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  • coynebrendan

    Thanks for passing on you knowledge.

  • Samantha O

    Great information! My husband and I are readying ourselves for a full-time cruising life, and this is the exact kind of information we need. Thank you so much for posting this – we eagerly anticipate your next episode! Cheers!

  • Graeme Clark

    Hi Mario – interesting perspective. I am from Britain, so i don’t know the rules and regs that apply in US but here in Britain (where coastal waters are always very cold, no more than 55 deg in summer) , whilst not mandatory, most prudent sailors with an inflatable make sure they get one with a crotch strap that goes from the waistband at the rear, through your legs and back to the waistband at the front. This can be worn quite loose on deck but is easily tightened once in the water to greatly reduce that “hanging from the neck” effect. Also many of the inflatables are more of a horseshoe shape than a donut shape so the compression at the neck isn’t so bad as the one you demonstrated. My main concern (as a sailor rather than a general boater) is that the most likely way i will end up overboard is through getting knocked over by the boom, in which case I may be unconscious. I want an LJ that inflates automatically and keeps my head out the water until i come round from my dazed state and work out whats going on!
    The other item of equipment I have added to my inflatable is a ‘spray hood’, which can be quickly donned to stop the waves and spray constantly slopping into your face and mouth if it is choppy in the water!