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1311, 2010

It Doesn’t Have to Be Summer

By | November 13th, 2010|Categories: Risk, Water Safety|Tags: , , , |12 Comments

The Consumer Product Safety Commission receives reports every year of drownings that occur in water sources (and other liquids) not normally associated with drownings - things found in an around landlocked homes without pools. Understanding that it happens (however rarely) and why and how it happens can be all it takes to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

2410, 2010

Staying Alive in Cold Water (1-10-1)

By | October 24th, 2010|Categories: Boating Safety, Survival, Water Safety|Tags: , , , , , |1 Comment

I couldn’t feel my hands anymore and using them was impossible. The shivering was uncontrollable and violent. “That’s a good sign,” I thought to myself. I remembered from my studies of hypothermia that shivering stops before you lose consciousness. “If I’m still shivering than I’ll live for a while longer”, I reasoned. But mostly I was wondering about how I got myself into that mess.

3009, 2010

Weather Checks First

By | September 30th, 2010|Categories: Boating Safety|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |1 Comment

If you only think about the weather when the National Weather Service sends a warning, you may be thinking about it too late. Small craft advisories are issued for different conditions depending on your location.  [...]