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  • Lisa Pilot

    Is it okay for me to print off copies of your article “drowning doesn’t look like drowning?” I’d like to include it in correspondence with my customers during water safety month. Or are copies available for purchase? It’s a fantastic article! Thanx, Lisa Pilot

  • Kathy Roberson

    Could you please fix the link for Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning (English version). No matter where I find the link (your home page) I get the Narly, Dude 404 message.
    Every year, I repost that article on FB for all my friends. Thanks.

  • Steve

    My Church would like yo include this blog post in our bulletin as a summer safety tip. Is there any copyright issue of which we should be aware?

  • kay

    Can the ‘Drowning doesn’t look like drowning’ article be republished in local newspapers?

  • Alice Hatcher

    the ‘drowning doesn’t look like drowning’ article link isn’t working anymore. :(

  • g

    just wondering if there is a way i can subscribe to your site/blog? i did not see anywhere to. i just read drowning…drowning… thank you very much. i learned something very valuable. i posted a pin on and Pinterest an am sending out an email with a link to everyone i know.