Two is One – One is None

My brother fishing on his boat with his back-up first mate.

by Mario on December 13, 2010

in Boating Safety,Risk,Survival

My older brother and I have this thing about phone tag.  It takes four calls and three messages (typically laugh-out-loud funny messages) before one of us is not too busy to answer.  So I was really surprised the other day when I called his number and he answered – because the man was definitely too busy. […]


Making Pools Safer

Post image for Making Pools Safer

by Mario on July 24, 2010

in Water Safety

What could possibly go wrong?  That question doesn’t get asked often enough. In June of 2002, it was discovered that the suction drain of a hot tub was strong enough to hold a child underwater. Seven-year-old  Virginia Graeme Baker lost her life because a spa manufacturer did not ask the question: what could go wrong?  […]