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She’ll Save You

By | 2017-05-18T15:29:50+00:00 March 17th, 2011|Coast Guard, Military, SAR|

My friend, Sara Faulkner, is one of only four women currently serving as helicopter rescue swimmers in the U.S. Coast Guard. Here she is being interviewed after a rescue she was involved in late last [...]

Staying Alive in Cold Water (1-10-1)

By | 2017-05-18T15:30:01+00:00 October 24th, 2010|Boating Safety, Survival, Water Safety|

I couldn’t feel my hands anymore and using them was impossible. The shivering was uncontrollable and violent. “That’s a good sign,” I thought to myself. I remembered from my studies of hypothermia that shivering stops before you lose consciousness. “If I’m still shivering than I’ll live for a while longer”, I reasoned. But mostly I was wondering about how I got myself into that mess.

Weather Checks First

By | 2010-09-30T11:06:29+00:00 September 30th, 2010|Boating Safety|

If you only think about the weather when the National Weather Service sends a warning, you may be thinking about it too late. Small craft advisories are issued for different conditions depending on your location.  [...]

El que se Ahoga no parece Ahogarse

By | 2017-05-18T15:30:01+00:00 August 29th, 2010|Boating Safety, Water Safety|

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