Swim at Your Own Risk

Swim at Your Own Risk

By MarioJuly 6, 2012 NDPA, Risk, Water Safety

My good friend Vincent Daniello was spending the day with his family at the beach in Ogunquit, Maine.  It should have been a fun time in the sun and surf, but Vince was finding it very hard to cool off.  Being a conscientious dad, he doesn’t swim at unguarded beaches – especially with his kids (I’m sure) – so he plopped himself down right next to not one, but three of the beaches best guards.  Three must be better than just one, right?  Well, not if what they are paying attention to is each other.

Vince snapped the following photos over a random two minute period.  He tried his best to catch at least one of the lifeguards scanning the water, but just couldn’t do it. On a heavily guarded and crowded beach, at least for a time, no one was watching the water (no one who was paid to watch it anyway.)

It’s not enough to wear a cool “Ocean Rescue” shirt and striking red trunks.  Lifeguards actually have to look at the water and – you know – do their jobs to be of any real value.  So be careful out there – and always remember to assign someone to watch the water.  “Swim at your own risk” can be true no matter where you are or how many lifeguards are ….watching.

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