Call for Videos from Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic 2013

Call for Videos from Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic 2013

By MarioMay 25, 2013 Risk

Since writing about the tragic death of Avishek Sengupta at a Tough Mudder in West Virginia, I have received dozens of emails and comments regarding the event. Some have agreed with my opinions, and some have not. But there is a way that we can all be more sure of what happened that day. A quick search of YouTube reveals any number of videos of Tough Mudder’s Walk The Plank obstacle, many of them from the Mid-Atlantic event that very Saturday, April 20th; but I believe there must be more video out there. With thousands of participants each day at these events there are literally hundreds of cameras on the course.

I don’t believe anyone should publicly post video of the tragedy out respect for his family and friends, but any videos of Avishek’s jump on April 20th (and the rescue efforts that followed) may be very helpful to them.

I’ve been asked privately to inquire if anyone of you who were there have any information that would help those closest to Avi understand more about what happened to him that day. So if you were there, and you have any information, images, or video – please contact me.

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