Working on figuring out my lifemission since the fairy tale’s explosion seven years ago. I’ve come to few absolutes from a world of many rigid ones~ and it feels more like living. I’m a busy mom (of fewer than a half-dozen, but only just!) who fits some fun into the cracks of time leftover: gym, yoga, library, reading, writing, listening to music, taking photos, going out to eat (total hedonism, there). I love to cook, I am a clean (but cluttered) freak, enjoy the beach (yes, swimming), a good cup of tea with biscotti, conversation, spiritual/self-awareness books, Men in Trees (my one TV hour a week), email, quotes, going to cultural events and deep sleep (don’t get much). I am cerebral. My children keep me in motion when I otherwise might sit and think my life away… Chocolate is likely my greatest vice, along with a well-timed Killian’s or two. I am a giver. The books I read my children include The Paper Bag Princess and Old Turtle, along with the Chronicles of Narnia and the Airplanes of WWII. Diverse is good. I’ve decided I finally believe my parents are right about most things… and they had the whole loving thing wrapped up.  I aspire to get there.   😉