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Books Discussed:

The Power of Mindful Learning – Ellen Langer –

Longitude – Dava Sobel

The Doctor’s Plague –  Sherwin B. Nuland

The Terrible Hours – Peter Maas

It’s Your Ship – D. Michael Abrashoff

All of them, absolute excellent reading.  Though honestly if I had to pick a favortie from all of these, it would be Longitude by  Dava Sobel.  It is exquisite writing.

Other links:

Information on Semmelweis

Information on John Harrison

(The links in the references to his marine timepieces contain spectacular images of design genius)

Harvard Business Review

John Harrison’s H-1 – the first sea clock, made by a carpenter and hobbyist clock maker.

Michael Abrashoff on setting limits – and allowing people to try knew things.