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Premium Membership

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Available beginning January 1st, 2020

Premium membership is a pass to unrestricted access to every course, article, video, and product review I create.  Members receive monthly video updates, regular product reviews, and full access to my Offshore Safety and Survival course - a complete safety and survival course for mariners.  Whether you venture offshore for a weekend or for a living, I'll deliver content - every month - that will help you make safer choices and plan your adventures for a safe return, every time.  You have to come home to tell sea stories, with full access to every lesson and a direct line to ask questions specific to your own activities, I guarantee you will find value as a member.   Cancel anytime online, just the way you signed up (that's how it should be).

(Here - until I get the intro and sample video done - learn how to use a rescue litter for an in water extraction.)