If you are interested in stress exposure training or you just want to broaden your understanding of how people work under stress (serious life or death stress) – and how learned behaviors are recalled (or not)  consider doing some homework provided below.

First, If you have a spare 45 minutes and want to understand more about stress and recall – consider watching my lecture at the USCG Human Performance Technology Conference.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the speaker in this video and associated text are not necessarily those of the Department of Homeland Security or the U.S. Coast Guard.

Must Read Books to Understand Stress in Decision Making

Deep Survival and Everyday Survival (the first 4 chapters) – Lawrence Gonzales

Brain Rules  by John Medina

and no kidding – The Art of Learning – Josh Waitskin (yes – the young chess champion from Searching for Bobby Fisher)

To understand Stress Exposure Training and its applications read:

(I know so much of this is about military/combat stress.  Trust me – it apllies equally to any recall of learned behaviour under stress)


Efficacy of Transfer in Simulation-Based Training:

NATO Report : Stress Training and the New Military Environment

On lifeguard supervision:  Good Guard Bad Guard

And of course – the Lifeguard Standards Coalition report is available here: http://www.lifeguardstandards.org/

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